Anyone who takes a vacation in bear country should be required to pass a course on what to do and not do before they're allowed to do it. A new video proves this point showing a guy who caught a bear eating candy out of his truck then nearly got eaten trying to scare him away.

The vacation couple are fortunate to have lived long enough to share this video. The backstory is he made the very big mistake of leaving candy and pizza in his truck. That led to this big visitor chowing down.

If you haven't been in the part of the country where bears live, it's easy to forget and leave food where bears can find it. Note: that's everywhere in bear country by the way. The bigger mistake is going outside to try and convince the bear to leave the food alone. Even in the dark, I could tell from the mannerisms of the bear that he was gonna charge this guy.

It appears that this guy felt safe by retreating back into their vacation cabin. He probably doesn't know that bears can either open and/or break down doors.

It's a small percentage of tourists that do dumb things, but it's just enough that we have to keep sharing these moments over and over again to remind them that they become potential prey for bears the moment they cross our state line.

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