If you ever get the chance to feed a prairie dog a potato chip, don't for a number of reasons. This guy did and obviously regretted it.

This is not a new video, but it's making the rounds again for some reason. Glenn Campbell captured this near the Bitter Creek Rest Stop near Rock Springs almost 9 years ago. I have no doubt that Glenn's heart was in the right place, but it's a big time no-no to feed potato chips or any kind of snack foods to prairie dogs. Glenn paid a price with scratched up legs in his first encounter back in 2010 it appears.

I share this again to make a point that you should never do this no matter how cute you might think the video is. Who wouldn't want a big herd of prairie dogs sitting on you, right?

VCA is one of the many websites you can check out that will help you understand what you can and cannot feed prairie dogs. We Love Prairie Dogs has a super-long article on the do's and don'ts of prairie dog feeding. NOTE: you will not find potato chips on the list.

Then, there's that whole thing about not wanting to get the plague. Glenn might want to look into that.

Glenn definitely loves these animals as he shared another prairie dog feeding in Wyoming back in 2014. This time it was bread. Sigh.

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