I'm all about learning more about Wyoming, and when I came across @Mndiaye_97 and his TikTok video titled "Animals that Live in Wyoming" I knew I had to watch it.

He started out strong with the jokes "Animals that live in Wyoming. Why Wyoming? It's not like people live there."

Nice one, and accurate too.

He then began with a Grizzly bear...and something about his STAT of 500 Grizzly Bears "running around" didn't sit right with me.

So I headed to google and found out that the number is actually more than 700.

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But...I decided to keep watching the TikTok video because he IS pretty darn funny, and I wanted to see what else he had to say.

@mndiaye_97Should I start doing these videos with background music? ##moose##nature##animalsdoingthings##wyoming♬ Classical Music - Classical Music

Did you catch his fact about the largest pack of Wolves in Wyoming consisting of 24 wolves?

I've listened to Doc talk enough about wolves that I know this isn't right.

Thanks (again) to google I learned that I was right, the largest known Yellowstone pack has almost 40 wolves, and I think there may currently be one that is bigger than that.

I still found this video to be pretty hilarious (his talk about the Bison is epic) and for the most part fairly accurate.

Maybe now that things have opened up we can invite him to visit Yellowstone and check out some of these animals in their natural habitat?

I bet that would make an awesome video.

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