I've driven on many Colorado mountain passes in my lifetime and this video is the culmination of all my worst nightmares about what could happen. It shows a Jeep falling off of a Colorado mountain.

I first saw this video shared by the Durango Herald. It shows a vehicle slowing making their way on the very narrow road of Black Bear Pass. A couple of very important things to note about this video. Based on the YouTube channel description, there was no one in the Jeep at the time that it was captured on video. But, the report says that a woman was ejected from the vehicle prior to it appearing on camera and she did suffer serious injuries.

The Durango Herald report says that a 23-year old woman was seriously injured when the 22-year-old driver left the vehicle to help someone else. The vehicle reportedly continued down the mountain.

Black Bear Road/Pass is located in southwest Colorado in the San Juan Mountains.

Google Maps Satellite View
Google Maps Satellite View

This is one of the many mountain roads in this area where there is practically no room for error.

They also shared a GoFundMe page that was reportedly set up for the woman to help with medical expenses.

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