The latest James Bond adventure, 'Skyfall,' won't crash into theaters for another month and a half, but if one UK-based report is to be believed, the next Bond baddie has already been cast. is reporting that 'Sherlock' actor Benedict Cumberbatch is "expected to be signed up" for the next James Bond installment, which is due to come out in 2014. "Work on the next film will begin next year and the plan is for Benedict to be on board. He grew up watching Bond, so it would be a childhood ambition fulfilled," is what the site's source on the matter tells them.

This news should certainly be taken with a grain of salt; a director hasn't even been hired yet (that we know of), and while Daniel Craig is scheduled to make at least two more Bond films, there has been no indication that the next movie in the series is already being prepped. In fact, Craig had previously stated that he didn't want to start work on more Bond flicks until the promotions for 'Skyfall' were over and done with.

However, if this proves to be true, it'll be the third major franchise that Cumberbatch has joined in a villainous capacity; the London-born actor can be seen causing space-havoc in next summer's 'Star Trek' sequel, and will be doing some nasty things inThe Hobbit' as the voice of  "Smaug."

What do you think? Would Benedict Cumberbatch make a good post-Javier Bardem Bond villain? Meanwhile, 'Skyfall' hits theaters this November 9, and you can check out the latest TV spot, which premiered during the 2012 Emmy Awards show, here.