Have you noticed a teal graffiti-style C vs C symbol around Casper?

Don't worry Casper, it's not a new gang that has moved into town.

It's a campaign started by the Casper-Natrona County Health Department (CNCHD) to encourage Casper to stay strong, unite, and beat the "bug."


C vs C stands for Casper vs. COVID and the "healing" teal color is a reminder that we are standing together to fight COVID.

Casper is open for business and CNCHD wants it to stay that way.

Here's what the Casper vs COVID campaign says YOU can do to help take back our town...

  • wash your hands
  • social distance
  • wear face coverings
  • stay home if you're sick
  • if you think you have COVID or have been exposed get tested

The whole goal of this campaign is to fight for the physical, economical, and social health of our community.

They're using their symbol spray-painted around the town of Casper as well as stickers and shirts to help spread their message.


Individual homeowners can request CaspervCOVID yard signs or you can request the swag you see above through CaspervCOVID.com.


The site CaspervCOVID.com also has easily seen statistics about Casper's lab confirmed COVID cases, active lab-confirmed cases, and deaths.

The CNCHD hopes that this new campaign will create a stronger, healthier Casper, and allow us to continue to slow the spread and take back our town.

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