I am continually impressed with what Wyoming has to offer.

I know there are people that keep saying, stop telling people what we have, so they won't come here. Honestly that would be a shame.

The history and beauty offered by the Cowboy State, needs to be shared with others.

If you've ever been to a town like Dubois, you know that they wouldn't make it without people coming to visit and hunters coming to try their luck at Wyoming big game.

Wyoming's Incredible History Is Alive All Over The State

It really doesn't matter which way you decide to travel in the state, there are things that you're going to be blown away by. In a recent trip to Dubois, I was in a state of shock & awe after checking out The National Museum of Military Vehicles. This museum is one of the coolest, most well put together and detail oriented museums I've ever been too.

The building itself was only finished a couple of years ago and is extremely modern. Video screens, interactive displays and high quality sound systems that enhance each display are all throughout the museum.

I've seen the museum written about, heard it talked about and even have seen videos about it. You could read, listen or watch about NMMV, but until you got there, you don't have a clue how amazing it is.

Here's a quote from the National Museum Of Military Vehicles website on the reasoning behind the museum. :

To honor the service and sacrifice of our veterans and their families. To educate next generations on the history of American freedom. To preserve and share historic military vehicles.

The museum was built and designed by former lawyer and CEO Dan Starks and his wife Cynthia. Dan bought his first tank in 2010, his second in 2014 and decided in 2016 he wanted to build a museum to dedicate to the service of our men and women of our Armed Forces.

When he started buying the military vehicles, he would just give tours of the vehicles on his ranch. The interest of the public, grew and grew and grew until he knew it was time to build a place dedicated to the idea.

In 2018, they broke ground on the 160,000 square feet of museum along highway 26, a few miles outside of Dubois, WY.

In 2020, the $100 Million National Museum of Military Vehicles opened. Memorial Day Weekend of 2022, the museum expanded with a exhibit dedicated to Korea and Vietnam.

I had the great honor of going through the museum on a tour that was lead by Mr. Starks. Like watching a great movie, 2 hours flew by and left me wanting more. During the tour, Dan mentioned that he didn't serve in the military, but chose business. In his career he was extremely successful and is now able to do his part and spread the word of how important our Veterans are.

During the tour, Dan assured us that we would know way more about Korea and Vietnam, than we did before the tour started. He wasn't kidding.

Interactive displays, using the vehicles and stories to get the point across, grabs your attention way more efficiently than any major motion picture.

If you haven't gone to be amazed by the display of patriotism and dedication to bringing the story of our Veterans to the public, you 100% need too. You will not be disappointed and will be 100% more knowledgeable about what our men and women have gone through while serving.

You can tackle the museum on your own, or get on one of the tours that are offered each day the museum is open (I encourage you to take one or all of the tours). Planning ahead is a great idea and they offer a planning guide. 

The museum is open Wednesday - Sunday 9:30am - 5:00pm

There is a Canteen that serves a full lunch menu 11am - 3pm Wed-Sun

6419 US Highway 26
Dubois, WY 82513

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Wyoming's National Museum of Military Vehicles

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