You may see him at the next Joe Expo handing out leaflets. It's possible he might show up to the studio and eat all of DJ Nyke's lunch. This little guy is the newest addition to the extended radio family here at Townsquare Media, and we are asking for your help in finding the perfect name.

His puppy name is Chunk. He is the biggest boy in the litter of beagles. This breed is known for having a nose that gets them in trouble. They are small but built like a tank. According to the breeder, Eric Dorrset, they are escape artists and can be stubborn.

My wife and I are leaning towards the name Laredo, but we are not convinced. We are not sure if the name fits his personality. He is adventurous and likes to cuddle and eat. The new member of our family will arrive around Thanksgiving.

Now it is your turn. Take a look at all the family photos, then vote for the name you would give this puppy. You can enter a different name as well. We encourage you to return and check on the progress of the voting.

Can you smell the puppy breath?


Need more beagle puppy cuteness? We have photos of the whole litter. Becuase if the internet isn't good for cute animal pictures, then what is it good for?

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