One of the most famous figures in all of Wyoming is Grizzly Bear 399 and she is on the move. Normally this bear is hanging out in the Grand Teton National Forest, but has recently made her way outside the park boundaries and wildlife experts say the safety of the bear and her cubs is in jeopardy because so many document their location on the internet. One way you can help the family is to not seek them out and if you do see them don't let others know where they are.

Continuing to search for and display the location of the Grizzly and her cubs are, could end up being a bad situation. Putting the location out will attract tourists to 399, which could cause her to feel threatened and act aggressively. If there is a disturbance, authorities will have to step in and eliminate the threat. We've seen in the past that these types of actions can be deadly to bears.

The 25 year old Grizzly attracts lots of attention from wildlife lovers from all over the world, but also can cause lots of grief for Game & Fish when she leaves the comforts of Grand Teton National Park. According to, she is known to hang out along the roadside looking for food and causing traffic issues. If you see her and her cubs roadside, use caution and do not feed or approach them.

As we approach fall and the bears are starting to put on weight for their long winter nap, the bears are becoming more active as they are searching to eat as much as possible. The National Park Service explains the process and notes that the search for the perfect 'bear buffet' may cause bears to act a little more aggressively. Wildlife officials warn that feeding them is a no no and can cause the bear to lose their preference for their natural food sources, resulting in harm and danger.

Here are a couple videos of 399 and her cubs from earlier this month.

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