Doc Holliday Scary Childhood Pics

We all have moments we love to remember, but at the same time would love to forget. This is one of those. Here are my most embarrassing childhood pictures. (*face palm*)

I dug deep into the Holliday family archives for these gems. It begins with me in a one-piece jumpsuit that I would still wear if it fit. Breaking News: it doesn't.

Other "highlights" include me and my cousin Greg brandishing fake weapons, a straw hat that guaranteed girls wouldn't talk to me for nearly 30 years, missing teeth and a shocking dog cake that my dad and I made for my Cub Scout troop.

Here's the fun part. Now it's time for you to share yours. It's only fair. Post your most embarrassing childhood pics in the comments and I'll promise not to laugh at you more than once on my radio show.

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