If you ask 10 people what their favorite Christmas movie is, you're likely to get 10 different answers. We've compiled some of our favorite Christmas movies and we want you to tell us yours.

We'll list ours first and then you can vote in our poll to tell us yours. Let's begin.

Doc Holliday's 3 Favorite Christmas Movies

1. Diehard

Yes, there is a bit of controversy about whether or not Diehard is really a Christmas movie. Science has proven that it is. If the phrase "Ho, Ho, Ho...Now I have a machine gun" doesn't give you chills, then I doubt you're really American. John McClane in Nakatomi Plaza killing terrorists is as Christmas as I get.

2. National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation

This was nearly my #1. I am practically Clark W. Griswold in every aspect of my life. The fact that Clark was nearly injured by a squirrel jumping out of his Christmas tree makes me want to check Ancestry.com to see if we're related. It's a little sentimental and super funny and that's why I love Christmas Vacation.

3. A Christmas Story

Ralphie wants a Red Rider BB gun. As kids, we've all be there. There's one toy we daydream about and the tension of waiting until Christmas morning to see if it's under the tree is almost more than we can bear. For me, the narrator makes this movie one I can watch over and over again and laugh every time.

Prairie Wife's 3 Favorite Christmas Movies

1. A Christmas Story

There are so many reasons to love this movie. There are dozens of lines and scenes that I adore and I can relate to every character. I think one of the main reasons I love this movie is that it brings back so many happy memories for me. I remember our entire family crowded around the TV and laughing away, and now I do the same thing with my kids. It's a true Christmas classic that will NEVER get old.

2. Elf

Elf is my spirit animal. How he feels about Christmas is 100% my vibe. You can never sing carols too loudly nor have too much cheer. This is also another movie that appeals to every age and it keeps alive the joy of Santa for even the oldest kids.

3. The Star

This Christmas movie gives me all the feels. The nativity scene at the end makes me tear up every. Single. Time. It's a wonderfully cute, hilarious and heartfelt tale about the true meaning of Christmas and even my tweens and teens are more than happy to snuggle up and watch it with me.

Now that you know our favorite Christmas movies, please tell us yours. If your favorite movie isn't listed, send us a message through our app and we'll add it to the poll.

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