If you've been in a kitchen, there's a good chance you've made a mistake and had an accident.

I'm really careful not to do dumb things and hurt myself, sometimes it just happens. I've burned myself plenty of times. I'm really careful with knives and broken glass, not to cut myself. I've gone a long time without a major kitchen accident, until yesterday.

Drew Kirby, TSM
Drew Kirby, TSM

In my defense, I wasn't using a knife, I didn't burn myself, but I may've been a little careless with my mandoline slicer.

Mandoline Slicer

I've been eating REALLY healthy for the last 6 weeks and pre-slice my veggies, for quick access. I'm a big fan of turnips, but can't seem to ever get them the same thickness. After about week 4, I realized I had a piece of kitchen equipment that would make it way easier.

The problem came when I didn't have the finger protector, which protects your fingers from getting sliced...Kids, always have AND USE, the finger protector. That's why they include it.

Here's the part where you can call me dummy.

After slicing my thumb and having to stop and apply pressure for 15 minutes, I decided to use the other hand...do I even need to continue?

Thumb cut 2
Dummy Kirby, TSM

There are a couple things I've learned in the last 24 hours.

  1.  Your thumb is very important to daily life. Not sure how animals make it through the day without thumbs.
  2.  If you get stitches, your cut won't continue to bleed. I'm the "It's just a scratch, I don't need stitches" guy.
  3.  Kitchen work is too dangerous for me...I'm leaving it to the pro's.

According to 3btraining.com, the top 3 kitchen accidents are, in order of most common?

  • The most common kitchen injury is cutting yourself with a knife. To break it down even further, cutting yourself with a knife while cutting a bagel is one of the BIGGEST reasons for getting cut. So many people fall into this category, the injury has it's own medical term. BRI or Bagel Related Injury.
    • First Aid - Make sure you clean the cut quickly to avoid infection. Elevate the cut above your heart and cover the wound. You may need to SEEK MEDICAL ATTENTION, if the wound continues to bleed.
  • Second Most Common is slipping or tripping and falling. Moving around quickly and going back-n-forth can be hazardous when water or food gets spilled on the floor. Clean up the mess as soon as it's made to avoid slipping and falling.
    • First Aid - Ice and Ibuprofen can reduce swelling and pain. SEEK MEDICAL ATTENTION if your injury doesn't start to heal soon.
  • Thirdly, Burns. There are many ways to get burnt in the kitchen. Hot stove, boiling water, hot food, grease fires, and many more. One small wrong move and you're skin is sizzling.
    • First Aid - Cool the wound by running it under cold water for up to 5 minutes. Cover the burn with non-stick bandage. SEEK MEDICAL ATTENTION as soon as possible depending on the severity of the burn.

Nobody is perfect and accident's happen, especially in the kitchen. Even big time chef's have had their kitchen blunders.

Take a look at this video of chef's talking about theirs.

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