Since Valentine's Day is not far away, you may be wondering where you should plan to take your significant other to eat. Trip Adviser thinks it knows the 10 most romantic restaurants in Casper. See if you agree.

Romantic is a very subjective word. For my wife, a romantic dinner would likely involve pizza and a decent atmosphere. For me, it's the cheapest thing possible. That's my version of love which is why I'm not trusting my instincts on the most romantic Casper eateries. That means this isn't my list, it's Trip Advisor.

Couple things to keep in mind about this list. First of all, it's based on Trip Advisor ratings. That means this ranking can changed due to new ratings that are included over time. You can break it down by moderately prices joints or cheap eats. This is the current (meaning as of the time I'm writing this) best restaurant ratings for Casper. Here goes:(in descending order)

10. The Cottage Cafe (based on 99 reviews)

9. The Sandwich Bar (based on 62 reviews)

8. Johnny J's Diner (based on 232 reviews)

7. Dsasumo (based on 206 reviews)

6. Racca's Pizzeria Napoletana (based on 191 reviews)

5. J's Pub & Grill (based on 324 reviews)

4. Fire Rock Steakhouse & Grill (based on 854 reviews)

3. Silver Fox Restaurant (based on 195 reviews)

2. Sherrie's Place (based on 273 reviews)

1. Eggington's (based on 505 reviews)

There is your Casper top 10 romantic restaurants according to Trip Adviser. I must admit I'm always a little skeptical about online reviews. I'm much more interested in what you have to say. Vote in the poll below and let me know what you really believe is the best Casper place to take your loved one for Valentine's Day. I've included the Trip Advisor top 10, but feel free to comment with your own.

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