Summer is here and with it the American tradition of Barbequing.

One of my family's favorite Barbeque foods is Hot Dogs, but we can never seem to agree on the best topping.

It turns out that it's a real THING for some people.

We have coworkers here that actually turned green at the idea of putting ketchup on a hot dog...that was confusing to me!

It prompted us to ask you "What do YOU put on your hot dog?"

It turns out that while your answers are many and varied, there are a few topping themes that run strong with the Casperites.

#1 Mustard

#2 Ketchup

#3 Relish

#4 Chili

#5 Cheese

If you took the time to read all the comments you would see it's not quite as clear cut as you would think from that list.

Many of you picked Mustard or Ketchup, but not both.

Some of you (like Alama) took the time to clarify "DILL relish" while others simply put relish...which I guess means sweet relish?

Shannon, Lisa, and Dottie all said their topping choices depend on their mood.

Surprisingly, a lot of you like mayo on your hot dog, which was a totally new concept to me. I may have to try that one out.

I also saw several listeners like coleslaw on their hot dogs which I TOTALLY agree with, trust me it's delicious.

My fellow Glenrock folks, I can 100% recommend our brand new hot dog restaurant Reid's Red Hots. The whole family went there last week and the service was quick, the dogs were hot (and reasonably priced) and we were all very pleased with our picks. I'll be back to try "The Herder" (coleslaw and BBQ sauce) soon!

I can't honestly give an opinion of my fav hot dog place in Casper, but feel free to let us know yours.

This article will give you a few unique topping ideas in case you want to try and create a luxury/unique hot dog eating experience in the comfort of your own home.

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