Halloween & Thanksgiving are behind us, now we're all focusing on Christmas and getting into the holiday spirit. One great way to get into the spirit is to drive around and check out all of the excellent Christmas light displays.

Driving around the Casper area, there's no shortage of holiday spirit. There are lights twinkling, inflatable snowmen, Santa Clauses and reindeer all over the place. It's nice to see that so many people are not shy about showing their love for Christmas.

During the summer at Casper Speedway, you'll see race cars ripping around the track, slinging mud and racing for the checkered flag, but when December hits, that all changes.

Casper Speedway transitions into A Christmas Delight. 

For the 2nd year in a row, it won't be racecars rolling around the track, it'll be YOUR car. Over the last few weeks Casper Speedway has been turned into a winter wonderland.

Finally!!! The next holiday involves Christmas Lights!! Excited to be back for year 2!! Like, Share, and Comment to help us spread the word!
At Casper Speedway -- 1277 Amoco Rd.
Open Dec 1, 2, 8, 9, 14, 15, 16, 20, 21, 22, and 23rd. Open those nights 5-9pm. 20.00 a car. Pre buy tickets on our website through PayPal or Venmo. Cash at the gate is ok too!

If you're interested in buying your tickets in advance, you can check out the A Christmas Delights website, pick the day and time you want to visit and BOOM you're ready to get into the holiday spirit.

You can also just scan this QR code and it'll send you to their VENMO account to pay your admission.


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Beautiful Casper Christmas Light Show Honors The Memory Of Lt Danny Dundas

To honor the memory of Lt Danny Dundas there is a Christmas Light show at located at 1101 Staford and asked our community to donate to bluehelp.org

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