This is not going to surprise you one bit, but every animal poops. Yep, if you're kids favorite book is 'Everyone Poops' or 'Who Pooped In The Park', you've had this conversation.

We have a large amount of people here in Wyoming that love to get out and enjoy nature. It doesn't matter if whether it's heading out on a hike, going hunting or fishing or maybe exploring at a higher level, you've come across droppings from an animal and wondered exactly what left it behind and if you should be worried.

Wyoming is luckier than other states when it comes to wildlife, because the list of what you can see is much bigger than in some states. In some states, cows and deer are the biggest animals they'll see.

That's a good part of the reason people are so infatuated with the wildlife when they come to Wyoming and visit Yellowstone or any or the other National Parks or Forests. There's a good chance they've never had or will never have another chance to see a bear, bison, moose, elk or antelope in the wild.

If you're out on an adventure, make sure you're prepared for the animals you may encounter. Knowing what animal is leaving those piles of poop behind, could actually save your life.

Running into a rabbit or turkey probably isn't going to be much of a threat to you, but if it's a grizzly, black bear, mountain lion or moose...that could be a bad deal.

We've put together a collection of pictures to help you be aware of what could be around the next corner in the Wyoming wilderness.

Identifying Wyoming's Most Common Wildlife Droppings

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