In the world we live in, the internet is a part of our daily lives. The access people have is sometimes scary and if you're not sure how to use is properly, you could get yourself into trouble.

You may think that you have everything figured out and work hard to remain safe, but what about your kids, grandkids, grandparents or elderly parents?

Social media, scams, bullying, sex crimes, hidden apps, are all possible issues you may find that cause major problems for your family.

Stats updated earlier this year say that 90% of kids will have social media presence by the time they're two years old. 82% of child sex crimes have started on social media. That means there's a chance that, what may seem like an innocent social media encounter, could turn into a nightmare fairly quickly.

You may think the funny picture or story about your child is just in fun, but sharing information about your children could be giving kidnappers or sexual predators opportunities with your kids.

The Natrona County Sheriff's Office wants to help you prevent these issues from happening to you. Being safe on the internet is extremely important and the NCSO will be giving a presentation on July 26th to parents, caregivers, and community members that are concerned and interested in learning more about internet safety.

The presentation begins at 6:15 pm in the Mills Room at the Agricultural Resource and Learning Center and will allow time for Q&A with subject matter experts afterward. There is potentially sensitive content in this presentation that will not be appropriate for younger children. Parents/Guardians only please, however, we will have resources for you to take home and share with your child to help educate them.

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