The other day I experienced something that for many women is very common.

I was walking down a sidewalk and a gentleman  man shouted out his car "You're beautiful!"

My first reaction was to look around but then I quickly shot him a thumbs up.

As I went into work the next day I decided to ask my mostly male coworkers...exactly what does a man hope will happen when he catcalls a woman? They mostly avoided eye contact and mumbled that they "would never do that".

My next thought was, how do Wyoming women feel about being catcalled. So, we polled our lady listeners with this Facebook post.

First of all, can I ladies ARE THE BEST! The GIFS you found were hilarious and I spend waaay too much time scrolling through these and giggling. And there were barely any repeats!

We had some great comments too.

Dawn said: Heck at my age, 48, I take it as a compliment.

Katy responded: Ignore them and move on. They sure as heck aren't honking at me!

Jessica is not a fan of catcalls and said: Hope they hit the curb for being a creep.

Debbie said she would reply by: Flipping them off.

It seems that overall, between the comments and GIF's that Wyoming ladies are split 50/50. Half of you see it as a compliment,  and the other half think it's rude or offensive.

So now, the next question is, guys exactly what DO you want to happen when you catcall a lady?

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