I think we can all agree that it has been waaaay too long since we have done an on-air reading of a Wyoming Romance novel.

We've mentioned how we'd love for you to be a part of this amazingly fun segment and now is the time!

Thanks to our new "Shout Out" feature on our app we can finally include you in our next Romance Novel Reading.

To "Shout Out" all you have to do is open the My Country App and click the "Shout Out" button. Hit the record button and you have 30 seconds to share your thoughts with us and then tune in every weekday 6 am-10 am to hear yourself on our radio show.

To help us with our next Wyoming Romance Novel Reading all you have to do is read the sentences below while you record yourself with the app. Send it to us and you just might hear yourself on air next week Friday!

We are looking for someone to read the title of our novel, and then we have two longer parts.

We have a part for a male and female but welcome you to do either part, and accents are of course encouraged. For the longer parts, you may want to open this on your computer and then record with your phone so you can read the text instead of having to memorize it.

Title: Mail Order Bride: Wyoming Brides and Babies by Emily Woods Read by Doc and Prairie Wife

Female Part: "This land had made you come alive," she'd whispered. "You belong here. Don't blame this place for my death. Stay, and find another wife as quickly as you can. You're easy to love. Just promise me that you'll find someone who will love our daughter."

Male Part: "Rancher of considerable means seeks a lady for marriage. She must be between the ages of 18 and 25, of good moral standing, a God-fearing Christian and good with children. Please reply with a daguerreotype and a detailed letter to the following address."

I totally get that the word "daguerreotype" may give some of you pause. First, in case you didn't know, a daguerreotype is a picture. Second, if you've heard us do this segment on air you know the mispronunciation of words is often one of the best parts. Third, if it really matters to you, here is a link that will help you pronounce it correctly.

And go!

We can't wait to hear your recordings and include you in our next Wyoming Romance Novel Reading on Friday, August 23.

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