Matt Shirley creates charts based on the answers to questions he asks his followers.

In one of his most recent charts, he polled his followers and asked them to help him pick the perfect Halloween costume for every state.

Because we all know that "sexy" is a part of every adult costume (whether or not it SHOULD be is another discussion entirely) Shirley added it to each idea...and the results are absolutely hilarious.

I took some time to peruse the comments and it was pretty amusing to see how many people were offended by his chart.

And none of them were from California where the suggested costume was "Sexy Offended People".

New Yorkers were the most upset by their costume "Sexy Mediocre Pizza Slice" apparently they do NOT have a sense of humor when it comes to people questioning the quality of their pizza.

Washington state's made me laugh out loud "Sexy Sasquatch" because I can actually see people using this costume idea...

Take a look at the whole chart and then we can talk about his pick for Wyoming and Colorado.

What do you think about Wyoming's costume?

"Sexy Awful Tourist Who Gets Gored By An Elk" I personally think that it would make a phenomenal couples costume...right?!

My other favorite (even though it was super obvious) was Massachusetts' "Sexy Hanged Witch"

Do you have a better idea for any of the states?

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