The definition of comfort food is:

food that provides consolation or feeling of well-being.

There are so many different foods that could be your comfort foods. Grandma's biscuits, mom's chicken and dumplin's, McDonald's Big Mac and Coke, chocolate gravy, macaroni n cheese, the list goes on and on and on.

Where I grew up there's a place called Fran & Marilyn's, it's a small, local favorite, where I spent time with my grandpa eating on a Friday or Saturday evening.  Fran & Marilyn's has something called a horseshoe on the menu that I got every time we were there. Two hamburger patties on Texas Toast covered with French Fries and Nacho cheese.

Talk about a comfort food, just thinking about it takes me back to being 13 and spending the weekend with my grandparents. We all have those foods, places or even smells that trigger memories and take us right back to those good times in our own personal history.

One thing we can all agree on is that food has played a major role in our lives. Creating memories that can change our mood in a split second; just by walking into a diner and taking a bite of that special food item.

We're approaching the holiday's and many will be gathering with their families and getting a chance to have some of those comfort foods. If you're feeling down and's a good day to have yours.

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