Gotta love the stories of heroes that have stepped up and done amazing things during these challenging times. That's definitely the case for a highway patrol officer who came to the aid of an injured eagle in the middle of an interstate highway.

The California Highway Patrol in Redding shared this picture of a report of an injured eagle that a driver saw.

Fortunately, this eagle story has a happy ending. They contacted Shasta County Animal Control who came to this bird's rescue.

They reported that after they were able to get the eagle off the roadway, Animal Control was able to check the bird for injuries and have now transferred him to get medical care. They shared that he has been named Knight and he's now at Defiance Canyon Raptor Rescue.

Kudos to all involved in making this happen. The driver who took the time to let the highway patrol know of the eagle's situation. The officer who was able to get the eagle out of harm's way and the vets that are now nursing Knight back to health so he can return to the skies where he belongs.

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