There are more good Samaritans who chose to do a good deed when they saw an animal in distress. They saw an antelope that was caught in a fence and went into action.

Here's the YouTube description of what happened just a few days ago near Rock Springs:

My fiancé and I were looking for camping spots when we saw an antelope caught in the fence. The wire was twisted around her leg and she was tired from thrashing. The wire was too tight to loosen by hand so we checked our truck and found a hammer. Using the claw of the hammer, my fiancé and a kind passerby were able to unbind the wire free in her leg, she laid on the ground for a moment but once she realized she was free she stumbled to her feet and took a few shaky steps. After a wobbly start, she was able to bounce off to freedom.

It's worth mentioning that while these guys should be commended, it's a good idea to contact Wyoming Game and Fish if possible when you see an animal in trouble. They have a hotline dispatch number you can call which is 1-877-943-3847.

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