Lady Antebellum's leading lady Hillary Scott is so talented, it comes as no surprise that her daughter, Eisele, is showing signs of musical prowess already.

The new mama, who comes from music herself, tells People that her four-month-old baby definitely knows her music. In fact, when Eisele -- born July 22 -- hears Lady A's songs, they have the opposite effect of most lullabies. Take the trio's recent performance at the Grand Ole Opry, for example.

"She was in the backstage area and they have a live feed for what’s going on on stage. She was in a dead sleep and we started into ‘Compass,’" Scott shares of Eisele. "She woke up and looked straight at the TV, and was glued."

The singer adds proudly, "She’s already been bit by the bug.”

In addition to being surrounded by Lady A's music, baby Eisele will also experience road life when she boards the tour bus in January for Lady A's 2014 Take Me Downtown Tour. And, baby girl already has so much influence on the group, they bought an extra bus and will be rolling down the highway in separate vehicles.

Bandmate Dave Haywood jokes, "A girl’s bus and a guy’s bus!"

Adds Charles Kelley humorously, "Her fridge will be full of baby formula and baby food. And ours will be full of Doritos, whiskey and bourbon."

Sounds like in the evenings, there better be no sound of Lady A's hits on the girls' bus -- or Eisele could be up all night long!