It's that time of year where people are planning vacations, purchasing large items, or sweating April's tax time!

Have you seen that commercial where the guy comes home to find his tax adviser fixing his kitchen sink? I can relate...I, too, have seen my tax preparer working other jobs. Like at Wal-Mart. The issue with using a seasonal tax company is, you're not sure if that person really knows what they're doing.

You can always use a CPA, but unless you're a business owner, or wealthy, this option will be a huge waste of money.

The "name brand" companies? While their staff is usually more knowledgeable, they also tend to be pretty pricey. Why pay someone to help you get back money that was yours to begin with? The easy answer is...because you don't want to be audited for messing up your filing.

Personally, I've used It's free, easy, and they really help you break everything down. I've also received some of my biggest returns with this option. The only negative I can come up with is, they try to up-sell you to their "Deluxe" edition every 4 or 5 questions, but that's more of an annoyance than anything else.  A quick "no-thanks", and you're back to business. Takes about 15 minutes, and your pocketbook isn't hit at all. They e-file it for you, and you're back to planning how you are going to spend the money.

I have a co-worker who's wife runs a side business, so they need a little more help. He swears up and down that TurboTax is well worth the $60 he pays for it.

What about you? Who or what do you use to take care of your taxes? Take the poll below, and if your answer isn't an option, add it! We'll post the results later...