After a recent survey, the number of people in Wyoming that want to be cremated is really high.

According to the Cremation Association, the national U.S. average of people that would rather be cremated than buried in a coffin, is around 57.5%.

The percentage in Wyoming, is nearly 75%. Wyoming ranks #9 by percentage of cremations in the US.

The Top 10 Cremation States:

  1. Nevada 81.6%
  2. Maine 80.2%
  3. Oregon 79.5%
  4. Washington 79.3%
  5. New Hampshire 77.5%
  6. Montana 76.3%
  7. Colorado 75.1%
  8. Hawaii 75.0%
  9. Wyoming 74.9%
  10. Vermont 74.3%

The most common reason for choosing cremation in Wyoming...cost.

Cremation costs significantly less than an actual burial. There's not a cemetery plot to buy, preparing the body for burial costs, funeral service prices or casket to purchase. According to Consumer.FTC.GOV, one of the biggest costs of burial is the casket. You could pay as high as $10,000 for your final resting receptacle.

Growing up I only knew one person that was ever cremated, and that was a friend of my grandma's. It was never even a thought in my family to not be put to rest in a coffin. After doing research and thinking that I can still be with my family or being spread in a place where I'm happy after I pass, actually makes more sense to me.

As you get older, you start to think about things like's weird, but we do.

We asked on Facebook what clothes you would want to be buried in, but in a surprising turn of events, the majority of the answers were that they wanted to be cremated so it didn't matter.

Top 10 Answers In Favor Of Cremation

We asked what you wanted to buried in when you die. The amount of people that want to be cremated is high.

You can see what other people's answers were when asked "What Clothes Do You Want To Be Buried In" on Facebook.

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