It's winter in Wyoming and that means wind, snow, wind, and more wind.

Getting my five kids ready for school every day is like running a marathon...uphill, through a forest with wolves chasing after you, while trying to carry a dozen eggs. On snowy days like yesterday and today, there is the extra chaos of finding the proper clothes so your kids don't lose a finger from frostbite.

As a PSA I thought I would share with you how to get your children ready for snowy days in 108 easy steps.

  1. Wake your kids up 15 minutes early (maybe make that 30 minutes)
  2. Every 5 minutes remind your children to stop talking and eat quickly
  3. Tell everyone to get dressed in long sleeve shirts and long pants
  4. Send at least 50% of your children back to their rooms to take off their shorts and tank tops and put on warm clothes
  5. Tell each child to gather up their snow gear (hat, gloves, boots, warm coat) and set them by the door
  6. Listen to "I don't have any (fill in the blank)" repeated increasingly louder
  7. Frantically dig through backpacks and coat pockets to find gloves and hats
  8. Remind each child to put shoes into their backpacks
  9. Notice that one of your children is wearing their older siblings boots and tell them to find their own
  10. Listen to "I can't find my other boot" repeated increasingly louder
  11. Announce how much time you have before the bus comes
  12. Zip up coats and snow pants
  13. Unzip coats and snow pants so children can go to the bathroom
  14. Repeat steps 5-13 15 times or until you until you see the bus turning down your street

Hopefully, you've found a way to trim this down by 50 steps or so..but if not, know that you aren't alone!

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