When you hear politicians and the media talk about coal, natural gasses, and oil they refer to them as dirty fossil fuels that are destroying the planet.

But they never look at all of the good these forms of energy are doing.



It is actually true that there are more trees now in North America than there were back in the year 1900.

Lets take the New England states as one example. At one point that region of the country was mostly treeless. Vast forest were cleared for farmland, homes, and wood for cooking and to keep warm in the winter.

But with modern electricity there and the use of natural gasses like propane for heating the need to cut trees for firewood ended. Herbicides, pesticides, which are petroleum based, along with modern tractor equipment allowed farmers to get much grater yields on much smaller land.

Trees began to fill the landscape once again. The New England states now have their forest back. This story has been repeated all over North America.


The science shows that were are not living in extraordinary climate times. The weather is actually in a rather calm and cool stage.

Also, humans now more than ever have made themselves safer from climate.

The rate of climate related deaths is down 98% of the last century. You can find detailed information on that number at this link.

The people who die from climate are mostly the people in the world who do not use modern power like we do in the United States. If anything we need to get what we have to  those poor nations.



From the 1500s onward, till around the year 1800, life expectancy throughout Europe hovered between 30 and 40 years of age.

The current life expectancy for U.S. in 2021 is 78.99 years. For most people the quality of life is actually very high as older people are more active than ever.

This is not true in poor nations that do not use modern forms of energy like we do in the United States.



Without the use of modern petroleum products we would still be hunting wales for oil. Well, maybe not. We would have killed them all off by now.

In modern societies humans now hunt for sport only. There is no need to involve ourselves with nature other than to enjoy it.

Because of modern petroleum our modern ranching and farming practices use less land than ever before while at the same time producing a far greater yield.

Wyoming Coal, Gasses & Oil Make The Planet A Better Place

CO2 is not a pollutant. That is a scientific fact that I have written about in the past.

It is true that when we first began using Organic Fuels like coal, natural gasses and oil we we were reckless and did a lot of damage.

But we have learned how to use them responsibly and because of it the planet is a much better place for humans and nature.

Now if we can just get CHINA to do it the way we do it here in Wyoming.

For more information please read this fascinating book THE MORAL CASE FOR FOSSIL FUELS, by Alex Epstein. 

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