Know what's funny as hell? A bunch of passersby in New York City getting scared by a hungry-ass bear.

This video was uploaded by Chobani, the yogurt guys, in effort to spread more news about their products that are made with all-natural ingredients. That's all well and good, but we're just cracking the hell up at the dude in the bear costume running amok around the streets of New York City.

And this ain't your grandpa's bear suit. While it doesn't proportionally look like an actual bear, it's enough to give the appearance of a furry behemoth that weighs over a thousand pounds. There are all kinds of animatronics involved that make the face move and effects that make it sound like a real bear, giving people on the street a good spike in heart rates whenever they come across this beast.

The bear lumbers around the street, tearing apart hot dog carts, sniffing around pizza boxes and looking over pretzels in an attempt to find foods made with all-natural ingredients. Tragedy strikes when he flips over a cart full of churros and they all spill onto the ground.

After a while, the bear gives up his reign of terror and actually has some pleasant moments with the citizens of New York, even laughing it up with a bunch of workers. The bear's rampage finally ends when someone sets down a cup of Chobani yogurt in front of him. So all's well that ends well... but we're totally fiendin' for those churros now.

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