Every Hayniac would dissolve into a puddle if Hunter Hayes serenaded them with his new hit 'Tattoo.' In his new music video, he sings the catchy (and utterly adorable) song to a gorgeous brunette, and he seems so smitten with her it seems that he'll be the one to dissolve into a puddle just by looking at her.

Hayes' mid-tempo song sets an upbeat tone for the simple music video. Set in an abandoned warehouse, the country star sings the lyrics "Your name, your name sounds so good next to mine, just saying / And I think, I think I'm gonna put it in all my rhymes, baby" to the adoring gal who plays his love interest.

They play with paint, playfully swiping paint on one another, grab a Samsung tablet and take goofy selfies, and gaze into each other's eyes while Hayes sings. He described the music video earlier as mimicking the feeling of "meeting the person you're crazy about" and pulled it off with flying colors.

And the graffitied boom box that Hayes hinted at? It's life-like and totally inventive, seemingly coming alive throughout the video as he shreds out on guitar in front of it. This music video is like nothing the singer has done before

'Tattoo,' the second single from 'Storyline,' was debuted by Hayes at the 2014 CMT Music Awards. He gave Taste of Country readers a sneak peek just a few days ago, and the finished product did not disappoint.