"With great power comes great responsibility" and hunters in Wyoming have the power to help hungry families. Fall hunting seasons in Wyoming will begin opening soon and that is where your mission begins.

It's still in the early stages of existence, but the Wyoming Hunger Initiative 'Food From The Field" is out to fight one of the biggest issues with families in Wyoming...Hunger! First Lady of Wyoming, Jennie Gordon has backed this mission to end childhood food insecurities. Studies show that 1 in 6 kids in Wyoming (about 23,500 kids prior to the pandemic now nearly 29,000 kids) struggle with not having the food they need to grow, be healthy and function properly in the classroom and in their daily lives. First Lady Gordon says:

Wyoming Hunger Initiative, the Wyoming Game & Fish Department, Wyoming Department of Agriculture, and participating processors work together to streamline game meat donation to food pantries statewide.

How do you get involved to help this life saving cause? There are a few ways for you to help.

If you're a hunter that harvests more meat than your family needs, you can donate the meat to 'From The Field' at any of the participating meat processing facilities. If you're able, you can also donate the processing fee to lower the cost for the organization.

If you're not a hunter you can still help by making a monetary donation. The money donated will be used to help with the processing fees, storage and distribution of the meat to families in need.

If you're a processor and would like to become a partner or if you're a hunter and want to participate, you can get the information you need for Food From The Field at the No Hunger Wyo website

Ending hunger is a mission that doesn't stop. In this video you'll hear stories from some hunters and some that have received help. If you can help this hunting season, please do.

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