There's a new report that says Big Brother is watching you. That's not news necessarily, but the way they're doing it is: balloons.

The Guardian was the first site that I spotted this report on. It's based off of a new Federal Trade Commission filing that shows the government has launched a network (they call it MESH) of balloons designed to look for suspicious activity.

This type of thing has been done on our border for awhile now. But, this new report says the balloon network has been launched out of South Dakota. That means there's a good chance some of these balloons will be (or are) over Wyoming. NOTE: some of these balloons look like weather balloons and not planes based on pics that have been shared in these stories.

As stated in the video above, the reasons for doing this include cost savings over fuel in a plane and the ability to spot lightweight aircraft that could be bringing drugs into the country, etc.

The FTC filing contains the following curious section:

Purpose Of Operation:
Conduct high altitude MESH networking tests over South Dakota to provide a persistent
surveillance system to locate and deter narcotic trafficking and homeland security threats.

I have to confess that I didn't know South Dakota was a hotbed of homeland security threats.

This new method of public surveillance is raising privacy concerns from groups like the ACLU who claim the benefits don't make it worth the risks to freedom.

No matter where you stand on the privacy aspects, this new method of surveillance is now in our part of America which means we need to keep a close eye on what Big Brother is up to.

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