You see signs all over the place saying that skating isn't allowed in certain areas. The obvious reason are because skating can cause damage to public property and may cause injury.

What about roller skating or roller blading around Yellowstone National Park??

Actually, you CAN skate in the park, but you have to be in proper areas and proper times. Here is the park regulation for skating in, or around, the park. From


. The use of roller skates, skateboards, roller skis, roller blades or similar devices is prohibited on roadways open to the public for motor vehicle travel, except that such activities are permitted in NPS housing and administrative areas; on the road between Norris and Canyon and on Gull Point Drive during daylight hours between October 1 and the time the road closes to wheeled vehicles for the winter; and on the road between the Roosevelt Arch and the North Entrance kiosk between October 1 and May 15. Fine $25.00


The above activities may occur on any roads during the fall closure (after the roads are closed to public motor vehicle travel but before closed by snow) and during the spring closure (after the roads have been cleared of snow and ice, but before opened to public motor vehicle traffic); except for the springtime bear closure area between Madison and Old Faithful. Fine $25.00

Just because you're not supposed to, doesn't mean that people care. Check out this video that was captured and uploaded to the Tourons Of Yellowstone Instagram page. Which if you don't follow them, you're missing out on some awfully strange behavior.

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