I am the world's crappiest parker.

While it's not a badge I wear with honor it IS a cold hard fact.

For example, after last week's Thankful Thursday I pulled the "Jack Wagon"  into our empty parking lot, parked and then headed home to my family.

As our staff pulled into the parking lot the next day and saw my parking job, they found themselves questioning if I should be allowed to drive it again.

So much so that they took this picture and held an intervention.

Ian Delap, Townsquare Media
Ian Delap, Townsquare Media

In my defense it was dark, I was tired, snow was covering the parking lot lines, and there were no other cars there for me use as a reference for where I should park...

I normally park on the street in front of our work. There is always plenty of room in the wee hours of the morning for me to slide right in, and then go back and forth a few times (and then a few more times after that) to make sure I am the correct distance from the curb.

What starts out as an empty street when I begin our morning show, soon turns into a crowded mess. More than once I've walked out to my truck and been filled with fear when I see how packed in it is. It then takes me 15 minutes to slowly inch back and forth and get my truck out.

When I go to Target or Wal Mart I park miles away from the entrance to ensure that everyone's vehicles remain unscathed. I've even gotten out of my car and allowed friends to trade places with me and park when it seems that there is no way to avoid a tight spot.

So, when you see my Prairie Wife ghetto truck parked anywhere around town...

You need to give me space.

Trust me when I say this is really for your own good.

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