How do you respond when you're faced with adversity? One man in a wheelchair proved that he would not be limited by his disability when he shoveled his neighbor's driveway.

Watch this inspiring guy in action. Not only did he shovel his neighbor's driveway, but he did it in record time.

Here's what this guy had to say about himself:

I like to show people that just because I am In a wheelchair doesn't mean I just give up and don't try. I always say its about how you use ability in disability. My neighbor is older so I went over and helped her out.

I shoveled my driveway today with my son and thought I was gonna pass out and I don't have a disability as an alibi. This inspiring guy did more than overcome his limitations. He went above and beyond and helped his neighbor who he felt needed help more than he did.

You, sir, are what this world needs more of and I salute you.

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