I have some good news for a change. The internet has just declared that Douglas is now the best place to retire in Wyoming. Glenrock also gets a nod on this list.

Homestacks has just updated their best place to retire in Wyoming list and Douglas has now moved up into the #1 spot. Glenrock comes in as the 8th best place to retire in Wyoming. Isn't that funny considering they came up among the worst on a completely different kind of list yesterday?

How did Homesnacks decide Douglas was as good as it gets for retirees? They say they used census info, FBI crime data, National Weather Service stuff and airport stats to decide the best places for the golden years.

They don't share a lot of details about how Douglas fared in each of those metrics, but they do seem impressed that the Wyoming State Fair is there. Maybe they're fans of cotton candy? I'm just guessing.

Last year, Douglas was #3 on the Homesnacks list, so they seem to be moving up in the world according to the internet geniuses.

Glenrock lands at #8 when it comes to Wyoming places to hang up your spurs.

You can check out the full Homesnacks list if you'd like to find the best Wyoming places to be a Golden Girl or guy.

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