Marvel tried playing coy about the 'Iron Man 3' villain, initially saying that Ben Kingsley wouldn't be playing Mandarin. But now, not only is the news confirmed, we get our first look at The Mandarin, Iron Man's new nemesis in 'Iron Man 3.'

The 'Iron Man 3' trailer will debut tomorrow and will likely give us our first look at The Mandarin in action but now you can get the first photo of Sir Ben Kingsley as the international terrorist via Entertainment Weekly.

Mandarin's presence has been felt throughout the previous 'Iron Man' films (go back and look for the Easter eggs), but now his presence will be felt in a more direct way. In the Comic-Con trailer, we heard Mandarin say ominously, "If you beg for mercy, you will be silenced."

So who is this guy? Marvel describes him as: "Part mad scientist, part mystic, the Mandarin remains one of Iron Man's most challenging rivals. From his debut in Tales of Suspense #50 to today, the dreaded Mandarin and his mighty power rings have repeatedly risen to take on Iron Man and the world."

Take a look at the first photo of Mandarin from 'Iron Man 3' below and make sure to stay tuned tomorrow as the 'Iron Man 3' trailer hits the internet.

Mandarin Iron Man 3

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