Wyoming has been gaining on a scale that is creating more unhealthy residents in the Cowboy State.

According to an annual study on the 'State of Obesity", Wyoming is gaining weight at an extremely quick pace.

In 2012, Wyoming ranked 42nd among US states in regards to adult obesity rates with 24.5% of residents being considered obese.  But in 2016, Wyoming has climbed the obese ladder and is now ranked 30th among states in the nation in adult obesity with an obesity rate of 29%.

A look at the national statistics reveals that most every state has seen an increase in obesity rates and the 5 most obese states are: 1-Louisiana 36.2% , 2-Alabama, West Virginia and Mississippi are all tied at 35.6%, 5 - Kentucky 34.6%

The 5 least obese states according to the study are: 51-Colorado 20.2%, 50-Washington DC 22.1%, 49-Hawaii 22.7%, 48-Montana 23.6%, 47-California-24.2%

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Source: stateofobesity.org