When I was a kid, I can remember riding in a car with my dad and standing in the front seat of the car. As a matter of fact, if you were born before 1985, there's a good chance you have memories like that too. Even though child restraint laws have been in place since the 1970's but not really enforced until the mid 1980's.

Today there's no way you could get away with letting your kid roam around the car, but what about your dog? Right now, there are only about 6 states that prohibit your dog from roaming around your vehicle freely and not being restrained while riding in a car.

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Wyoming is not one of those six states with dog restraint laws. Wyoming falls in the category with 21 other states that says 'NO' your dog doesn't have to be restrained in your car. If you like your dog to ride around with you, it's ok and there isn't a law to stop you in Wyoming.

I didn't even realize that it was a big deal until I started researching and found that the other some states either have a law in place or a law proposed to restrain or restrict dogs (or other pets) from roaming freely while you're driving.

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If you've ever seen a dog riding with their head out the window, you know it's more than likely their happy place. So in Wyoming, you don't need to worry about taking that joy away from your pup.

As summer approaches and you're thinking of taking a road trip with your dog there are things to think about so your dog's comfortable and enjoying the trip too.

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