There aren't many things we know that are 100% true, but the fact that everyone is going to die is guaranteed. However, how you die is not 100%.

Living in Wyoming, there is a good chance you're going to live a nice long life. According to the website World Life, the life expectancy in the Cowboy State is 78.34 years old. That's not bad and is right on with the U.S. national average which is 78.86 years old.

The State with the longest life expectancy is the Aloha State of Hawaii with the age of 81.30 years old and the state with the shortest is Mississippi where the average person only lives to the age of 74.96.

In all of the 50 United States, the CDC has done the research and leading cause of death is either Cancer or Heart Disease. Which one lands at #1 is on a state by state basis. The other 8 leading causes of death are almost the same in most states (with exception), just in different orders.

Here are the 10 leading causes of death in Wyoming according to the CDC:

  1. Heart Disease
  2. Cancer
  3. Accidents
  4. Chronic Lower Respiratory Diseases
  5. Alzheimer’s Disease
  6. Stroke
  7. Suicide
  8. Liver Disease/Cirrhosis
  9. Diabetes
  10. Influenza/Pneumonia

The 100% guarantee that you're going to die doesn't stop many from having death anxiety. The term is Thanatophobia and is labelled as an intense fear of death or dying. Even though many people have this anxiety, the American Psychiatric Association doesn't officially recognize is as an official disorder.

According to Healthline, the fear of dying peaks for both men and women in their 20's but begins to fade as you get older.

Even thought both genders are faced with the hard facts that we're all going to die, reports say that women may have a secondary bout with the fear in their 50's.

Experts say there are two main ways to handle with the anxiety:

  • See a professional and talking about your feelings and concerns
  • Learn to refocus those fears

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Stacker used data from the 2020 County Health Rankings to rank every state's average life expectancy from lowest to highest. The 2020 County Health Rankings values were calculated using mortality counts from the 2016-2018 National Center for Health Statistics. The U.S. Census 2019 American Community Survey and America's Health Rankings Senior Report 2019 data were also used to provide demographics on the senior population of each state and the state's rank on senior health care, respectively.

Read on to learn the average life expectancy in each state.

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