I have a fun fact for you. It will be spring in March. Please try not to laugh if you, like me, live in Wyoming.

I have mentioned before that my wife is a meteorologist. After our most recent snow storm, I asked her at what point it might start warming up. She laughed. I cried.

Blame this on my severe case of cabin fever, but I decided to look up what date on average we start to see spring-like weather in Wyoming. What I learned would definitely scare that dang groundhog in Pennsylvania.

The US Climate Data website shows the average monthly temps for Wyoming. I consider spring to involve temps above 60. Their data shows we can't regularly expect things to get that warm in Wyoming until May at the earliest. The average "high" in April in Wyoming is 55. Sigh.

It gets even better when you look at how many months per year we get snow here. Best Places shows there are only 3 months (June, July and August) where we don't expect snowfall in or around Casper. Oh, and about those 3 months, sometimes this happens.

...and this...

Please don't mistake this for complaining. This is just Wyoming being Wyoming. But, I have to admit that when friends ask me if I'm looking forward to spring, I just laugh. Sure. Call me in July and I'll let you know.

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