During the 2022 annual conference of the Wyoming Weed and Pest Council (WWPC) in Cody, four people were given awards for their work related to the council.

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Donley Darnell, President of WWPC, said in the release:

"The members and friends of WWPC work hard to keep the people of Wyoming happy through weed and pest management," Darnell said. "We are more than thrilled to acknowledge the achievements of these hardworking individuals. We look forward to seeing what they’ll do next to keep our state wild and beautiful."

The Guy Haggard Award, which the council began giving out in 2007, was given to Claire Volk, who works as a national account manager at the Novus Ag.

According to the council's website, that award is given to someone who has supported the WWPC and its people.

Dr. Dan Tekeila of the United States Forest Service (USFS) Region 2, who was previously the Extension Weed Specialist at the University of Wyoming, received the Harold P. Alley Award, which they began giving out in 1984.

That award is given to people who've given support, leadership, motivation, and education toward advancing pest control programs in Wyoming.

Lindsay Wheat the district supervisor of Albany County Weed and Pest Control, was given the Everett Johnson Award, which was started in 1995, to recognize the service of a district employee for outstanding weed and pest management practices.

The Archie Lauer award, started in 2003, was given to Dennis Hanson who works for the Laramie County Weed and Pest Control District.

The award is given to people who've been a Weed and Pest board member and made significant contributions to the board and its success.

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