Nestled at the foot of the rugged Wind River Range in the Bridger-Teton National Forest sits the deepest lake in Wyoming.

On the western side of the state and only 3.2 miles from Pinedale is where an ancient glacier carved its way through the terrain to form what is now Fremont Lake. With a depth of 610 ft. in areas, Fremont lake is Wyoming's deepest lake. To put it in perspective, the lake is the length of 1.9 football fields deep (in feet). Fremont Lake is the 17th deepest lake in the entire United States. The lower 48 states in the U.S. boasts over 125,000 lakes, so coming in at #17 is pretty impressive.

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Wyoming has more than 4,000 lakes and reservoirs. Out of all of those, Fremont lake remains one of the top outdoor recreation spots in the state. Stretching 12 miles in length, it is Wyoming's second-largest natural lake. The lake is named after John C. Fremont, an Oregon Trail surveyor who mapped the area in 1842. The lake is known for its pristine beauty, wildlife, various species of cold water fish, and sailing.

Wyoming's Deepest Lake - Fremont Lake

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