The Casper Events Center (now the Ford Wyoming Center) first opened its doors in 1982. Since then, it has hosted hundreds of concerts and events for the people of central Wyoming.

The Ford Wyoming Center which boasts 8,000 seats, has always hosted a variety of different events each year, including concerts, sporting events, family shows, trade shows, competitions, religious services, bull riding competitions, commencement ceremonies, lectures, and political rallies among other corporate and community events.

In its 40 plus years of existence, the events center has seen some of the biggest acts in popular music grace the stage. On May 5, 1982, the Casper Events Center hosted its first major concert with Black Sabbath. In the decades to come, the Casper Events Center would host the biggest rock and country stars on the planet.

The Casper Events Center is in a prime location to snag touring artists who are traveling between Montana and Colorado. Located in the central part of Wyoming, the events center is not only serving the Casper area, but the entire region surrounding it.

Not many Wyoming communities are fortunate enough to have a venue big enough to attract acts like Garth Brooks, Aerosmith, and even Snoop Dogg.

Check out this MASSIVE list of all the major acts that have come through Casper to perform. Keep in mind, this list is in chronological order. Many of these artists have been to Casper multiple times, but they are not listed multiple times. The first time they came is where they landed on the list. Also, this list was based off of the research of material that was available. It is possible we missed a few acts, if so let us know!

EVERY Major Artist That Has Performed at Casper Events Center 1982-2024

Here are all of the major artists that have ever performed at the Casper Events Center IN ORDER. (Now the Ford Wyoming Center)