Natrona County road crews are doing as much as possible to deal with the blizzard, county commissioners said at the end of their regular meeting Tuesday.

Natrona County residents need to do their part, too, they said.

"Don't risk it," commissioner Peter Nicolaysen said. "Be patient."

Nicolaysen has heard from a lot of people in the county about road conditions, but the Road and Bridge Department has been working hard to keep them clear, he said.

Commission Chairman Steve Freel gave the common sense advice that if you don't have to go out, don't.

If people are driving in the rural part of the county and come to a snow drift, Freel advises them not to drive through it because they could get stuck.

And they'll wait a long time for a sheriff's deputy to help them, he added.

Commission vice chairman Dave North said plowing is almost a hopeless cause because drifts will obliterate whatever work has just been done.

North also recommended vengeance, although that probably will be as ineffective as plowing in a blizzard.

"I think somebody should shoot the groundhog," he said.

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