They say there are only two season in Wyoming. Winter and construction. It looks as though this construction season in Casper is going to be a long one and you cannot avoid it.

Road Work is Needed:

Let me start by acknowledging the necessity of the mass road construction in Casper. Yes, our roads are in need of repair. There are only so many months in the year that these repairs can be done. I am thankful, that once the work is completed, we will have better roads to drive on and for all the crew working hard to make it happen.

However, it has become increasingly difficult to navigate any sort of route without encountering some level of road work. With the I-25 construction and so many other major streets and intersections being worked on, where is this "alternate route" am I being advised to plan?

Plan Alternate Route:

Upon arriving to any sort of road construction, there is often a big sign saying "Plan Alternate Route." That would be fine if every other route wasn't affected all at the same time. I can honestly not get to work everyday without going through some major road work. I live in west Casper toward the south and I work near downtown. I typically take Poplar St. and we all know what that is like at the moment. I could go around and use Wyoming Boulevard, but yet again major construction at the CY intersection. Another "alternate route" would be going by Casper College but they now have that down to one lane on the west side of the campus. All of my routes include going through another construction zone. There is no such thing as an alternate route in Casper, at least right now anyways.

There are no 'Alternate Routes' in Casper:

Listen. I know we live in Casper and the traffic isn't really that bad. Even in the construction zones, it is possible to get through without super long delays. Not a huge deal. But, I do find it silly that we are being advised to pursue some sort of magic "alternate route" that simply does not exist. They should change those signs to simply read " Sorry. You Can Try Another Route, but it Will Be The Same".

Chilling Wyoming Cold Cases

Wyoming law enforcement agencies are working cooperatively on unsolved cases located throughout the State of Wyoming. A brief summary of each case and unsolved homicide case is provided. Anyone with information regarding any of these cases is urged to contact the law enforcement agency of jurisdiction or the Wyoming Division of Criminal Investigation.

NOTE: This does not include all Missing Persons Cases. These are cases the DCI has classified as "cold." For a full list of missing persons, please see the DCI's website.

Anyone with information regarding the following cases is requested to call the Wyoming Division of Criminal Investigation at (307) 777-7181.

Gallery Credit: Kolby Fedore