Earlier this year, Sony Pictures Entertainment released an interesting film called 65, which stars Adam Driver and budding young actress, Ariana Greenblatt. While the film is listed as a science fiction action, adventure, drama, the best way to really categorize it would be "Pitch Black" meets "Jurassic Park".

Before we go any further, be warned, if you haven't seen it yet, there will be major spoilers ahead.

First off, the film is called "65", because it takes place, 65 million years ago. A space pilot (Driver), crash lands on prehistoric Earth, unfortunately for him, while dinosaurs still roam the planet. To get the general gist, the movie's trailer is below.

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The earth-bound portion of the film takes place over an approximate area of fifteen kilometers, but it is heavily hinted that it is in what would one day become Wyoming. As a matter of fact, an argument can be made that it is in somewhere inside Yellowstone National Park, as what appears to be the famous Old Faithful geyser is also prominently featured.

This isn't just me guessing either. The official IMDb (Internet Movie Database) trivia page for the film states:

The asteroid is shown impacting in a mountainous region that presumably what will be Wyoming on Modern Day Earth based off the presence of the T. Rex (It roamed North America before going extinct), the pine forests, and geothermal vents.

If that doesn't do it for your Wyoming-loving heart, the end credits show what appears to be a Wyoming-esque, mountainous region, slowly "evolving" into the modern day world.

In case your curiosity has been peaked, you can watch the first ten minutes of the film below.

If you're invested now and really want to watch the entire film (which I would suggest), it is currently streaming on Netflix.

It's not the best film of the year, but I'd give it a solid seven out of ten. It's definitely a fun family night movie. And don't worry... I didn't spoil the entire film. There are still plenty of good surprises left.

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