First things first, make sure you have tissues handy, because this is one of those happy tear jerkers.

A recent Facebook and Instagram Reel has been going viral that shows a gentlemen in California, by the name of Juan Gonzalez, giving a Wyoming girl named Maddy, money to fill her gas tank.

Considering the cost of gasoline these days, especially in California, that was already enough to get the water works running, but the story gets even better. Maddy decides to "pay it forward" by giving the money to another stranger to fill up their tank as well, but hold on, it gets better still. Because of her kindness, Juan returns and gives both of them $200!

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I am not to proud to admit I shed a tear of joy every single time I watch the video. Whether it's Maddy's reaction or just the sheer selflessness of the act, it just really touches the soul.

No matter if Juan has ulterior motives or not, this Good Samaritan act of kindness is still touching. You just don't see this level of giving on a daily basis. It really restores your hope in mankind.

Juan actually runs several social media accounts, as well as a website, all under the name ThatWasEpic. The complete YouTube version of the video (shown below), was originally posted on March 18th, 2022. It has already garnered over three million views! It is also worth noting, all of his social media accounts are full of different acts of kindness just like this.

Kudos to you, Mr. Gonzalez.

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