Black Hills Energy officials say they are getting reports about con artists calling up people and demanding immediate payment for supposed delinquent utility bills.

The callers threaten to turn off their service unless payment is made immediately over the phone or by calling an 800 number. Anyone who gets such a call should not call that number and should not make a payment over the phone.

You can find out the status of your Black Hills Energy bill by calling customer service at 888-890-5554 or by logging into your account at

Red Flags Indicating A Possible Scam

One big red flag with this scam as well as many others is that intended victims in some cases are being asked to pay with gift cards or wire transfers. Black Hills Energy does not accept those forms of payment.

You should also never provide personal financial or Social Security information to unsolicited callers or strangers who show up at your door unannounced.

Another important rule is that high-pressure callers seeking information immediately are usually scammers. For Black Hills Energy customers, hang up and call the customer service number on your utility bill or log into your account online.

Check Out the Damages from Cheyenne's Wild Spring Wind Storm

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Gallery Credit: Doug Randall