Just two weeks before Jake Owen proposed to now-wife Lacey Buchanan, he said marriage was not on his radar. Owen co-hosted the syndicated radio show Country Countdown USA at the end of March and told host Lon Helton that while Buchanan would be the one he would marry if he was going to be married, she shouldn’t expect a ring anytime soon.

“Like I said, I’m not married, Lon, and I don’t have plans of getting married soon,” Owen said. “But if I get married, I’m gonna marry that girl, cause she’s awesome.” The ‘Barefoot Blue Jean Night’ hitmaker and show host had been talking about a tattoo Owen has on his arm of Buchanan’s lips when the subject came up.

On April 7, Owen surprised everyone when he dropped to one knee during a concert in Florida and asked his girlfriend to be Mrs. Jake Owen. A month later, they said “I do” on the beach in Owen’s hometown of Vero Beach, Fla.

It’s not clear what made Owen change his mind so quickly about tying the knot, although it’s possible he was just being coy to surprise Buchanan. Perhaps the singer — who is notoriously carefree — was just flying by the seat of his pants on this one, as he didn’t even have the ring handy when he popped the question. Whatever the case may be, he and his new wife seem happy and eager to start a life together, so we wish them the best of luck!